First Class Education Programs

STC Education provides first class education programs designed to keep people safe and more efficient in the workplace and in their private life.

Our Steer Safely Driver training programs offer a range of driving related experiences designed to enhance your knowledge, reduce your costs and make you a safer vehicle operator.

Sadly people don’t realise the danger they are in when driving through no fault of their own, for instance, if you have never been shown how to tow a trailer properly, or load it, you run the real risk of a catastrophic incident occurring. How to tow a trailer correctly is just one of the programs we offer.

Our programs provide

Educational Outcomes
Safer Road Users
Easy to understand safety principles


Group facilitated driver education programs that are designed to above all, keep your workplace safe, these include our Steer Safely driving programs

Advanced Driving

If you have ever wanted to be not just an ordinary driver, but an extraordinary driver, then our Advanced Driving Program is the perfect option for you.
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Defensive Driving

This program is facilitated by highly professional trainers and will teach you our safe driving tactics that will help keep you safer while driving.
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Driver Awareness

This program is a driver training workshop facilitated at your premises.
The program length is just 3 hours per session.
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Our off-road competency training course follows best practice solutions for your team to follow.
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Knowing how to tow is rarely taught properly, our program aims to take the mythology out of the process for you.
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Driving efficiencies are created when drivers understand the dynamics of their vehicle, strategic tactics are imparted to get more out of your vehicle and yourself. Topics and strategies are covered that are normally never taught and these strategies cross over to make safer and more efficient workers.

Who wouldn’t want to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing the running costs of driving? 


With safety as the core key, these are our programs that we offer for you or your team, these include:
Plant and Equipment Safety Training
Load Security Training
Individual Driver Coaching (Assessments)
Driver Safety Training
Personal Safety Training (Anti-Violence)


STC Education also hosts professional guest speaking, check out JARRAD INGRAM for inspiration or his driver safety talk that can be combined with any of our driving programs
Have a listen to Jarrad Ingram a highly respected public speaker who suffered a brain injury in a severe car crash. Jarrad recently completed our defensive driving course. This is what he had to say!


Being safe in the workplace must extend to every task, this includes driving, operating plant or equipment and interacting with the public or other workers.

We will help keep your workers safe, motivated and WHS compliant. 
This will reduce your running costs, incidents, and workers’ compensation claims, for instance. 

Allow our team to encourage your team to create a safer attitude among your workers.


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