Be Careful

With emergency departments now becoming stretched dealing with the Coronavirus, it is imperative we take road safety seriously.

The last place you would want to end up right now is in an emergency department or ICU as a result of a mistake made on our roads. If you have frontline staff still out driving as part of their job, remind them to be vigilant and aware of their safety obligations while driving.

Car crash trauma is the worst possible scenario right now during COVID19

Driving remains the number 1 cause of fatalities in the workplace and right now we are seeing an increased number of distracted drivers. This doesn't need to be distracted by a phone or a passenger, they are distracted by their own thoughts, worry, stress, and concern as an example. This is a difficult time for everyone, if you are looking for road safety advice for your staff at this point in time, please get in touch with us and we will give you some strategies to help keep your team safe.

Please share this post as everyone can benefit from a reminder to be vigilant on our roads during this rough patch we are all dealing with.

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