Who are we at STC Education?

Founded on the belief that every driver has the ability to improve with quality training and education, STC Education is committed to providing programs that improve people. This can’t be achieved without, passion, purpose and understanding. 

Our team consists of driving experts that have respect for safety and a commitment for safer driving outcomes for all people, no matter their driving competency.

In our ethos is we don’t need to show you how good we are, we are more interested in how to make you a better driver. 


When you participate in our programs you may see some correction of bad habits, or small changes that will improve your techniques, but you won’t see embarrassment or ridicule, certainly no mocking or making fun of any indiscretion. We do have a lot of fun and we share that fun with your growth as a driver. 

More than just an education program, we care about your outcomes.
Small groups or large-scale events, anything is possible, when we put you in the driver’s seat! 

Meet the Team

Our team has scalability to accommodate your needs, but we have a core group of people that make up the training leadership.


Managing Director

Stewart (Stew) is our managing director, he is very hands-on with training, committed to ensuring programs improve and the quality of the training is always of a high standard. His mechanical knowledge is vital to helping you understand your vehicle, a qualified mechanic his experience spans 35 years in the motor industry.

Having been involved with motorsport since the age of 12, Stew has a deep understanding of vehicle dynamics, performance and driver input. He competed in Rally, Off Road and Circuit Racing, this balanced understanding allows him to help you learn quickly. He has been to places like the Nürburgring in Germany and worked with V8 Supercar teams/drivers.

Stew served on the NSW CAMS Rally Advisory panel for 7 years and chaired it for 2, he was also a senior motorsport official and event director.

Stew has helped Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety with the creation of the Safer Drivers Course for Learner drivers, he has appeared as a witness in the Federal Senate enquiry into aspects of road safety and has written submissions for the NSW Stay Safe committee.

Stew has appeared on all TV networks and major radio with advice on road safety matters. His wealth of experience ensures STC Education provides excellent outcome driven programs.



Ben has an amazing calming effect on people when he delivers training, a fully qualified motor mechanic and an accredited learner driver coach. Ben has also competed in dirt rally, off road racing and circuit racing. He is still a valuable motorsport official including scrutineer who remains calm no matter what.

This character allows him to be a very effective trainer with more than 10 years’ experience as a driver trainer.  

Ben really gets a kick out of seeing attendees improve during their time at our programs and go out of his way to help when needed. He is a valuable senior team member who is highly respected. You will see why this is the case when you see him at the next program. 



Scotty has an extensive driver training knowledge with more than 16 years’ experience, he has worked for Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and has appeared on the Top Gear program in the capacity of a driving expert.

Scotty is also a fully qualified learner driver coach and has helped countless drivers gain their license. He has also competed in many circuit racing events and competed in his V8 Supercar at Mount Panorama Bathurst. Scott has an eye for detail with regards to driver training and will help you correct your bad habits with relentless consistency, all with the goal to help you improve as a driver.

Scott is highly experienced as a driving coach and we really value his input and involvement in our programs. We consider Scotty to be a senior driver trainer who also helps with program improvement and development.  

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