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Is your attempt at saving money actually costing you?

That is an interesting headline, but it is a mistake we see so often when organisations drop things they deem as a ‘nice to have’ to save some money they may not see the real costs of this decision. For instance, over the past 12 months we saw a trend of dropping the rollout of […]

4wd Modifications, what is legal?

Having been a motor mechanic for 32 years now, I have seen many people modify vehicles and of course, I have done my fair share too. Back when I was younger modifying vehicles were a lot simpler, there was much less regulation and so long as the vehicle presented as being safe no one really […]

Cyclists V Motorists

This is one of the touchiest subjects that there has ever been, I am going to try to approach it with balance and zero emotion. Because it seems every time this subject comes up, it evokes emotional responses from both camps. Motorists feel cyclists get a free ride (pardon the pun) and cyclists feeling like […]

ABS Brakes, how does it work?

Most experienced drivers learned to drive on an older vehicle, one that didn’t have the modern technology that we have today. Over time these technologies have been slowly introduced to the vehicles we drive, but have we adapted to the technology with effective education?   Even commercial vehicles that have become so popular in Australia […]

Don’t Lose Sight of Safety

There is no doubt we are living through an unprecedented time in our lives, one that none of us could of prepare for, or expected. Understandably every organisation has had to scramble to come up with procedures to cope with the COVID19 Pandemic. We have seen workers directed to work from home, frontline workers forced […]

Be Careful

With emergency departments now becoming stretched dealing with the Coronavirus, it is imperative we take road safety seriously. The last place you would want to end up right now is in an emergency department or ICU as a result of a mistake made on our roads. If you have frontline staff still out driving as […]

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