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From a young age Jarrad Ingram was a determined individual, always wanting to succeed in every endeavour. Amazingly he was a shy boy that was concerned about what people thought of him, especially girls. Not wanting to feel embarrassed Jarrad would just keep to himself and focus on playing the sports that he loved.

Being 6.4” at Cricket Jarrad was a successful fast bowler with the potential to intimidate the best of batsmen, sport gave Jarrad the challenges he desired. He thrived in battle and he would intimidate the opposition. With a need to prove himself Jarrad pushed harder and this combination made him feel bulletproof in every aspect of life.

Even though Jarrad was great at all sports, his passion was driving and cars. Growing up watching the great race (Bathurst 1000) and visiting the circuit on three occasions with his dad. Being a staunch Holden man, he had his license and two utes. One ute he used doing his work as a 3rd-year apprentice Plumber, destined to one day take over his Dad’s successful business.

The other ute a modified Holden Commodore was his personal vehicle, the one he drove to see his friends and take his dirt bike out riding in the bush.

One fateful day Jarrad was driving that ute to a family function in wet weather when his self-confidence finally caught up with him. Like any 20-year-old man, he thought he would be okay and with limited driving experience, he lost control, his ute caving in around him, this moment changed Jarrad’s life.

Young Jarrad Before his Crash
Jarrad survived this crash to tell his story

The emergency services saved Jarrad that day and despite their efforts they couldn’t prevent his lifechanging injuries. Jarrad Ingram sustained a brain injury during the crash along with spinal damage that has left him with many physical challenges.

Weeks in a coma, Jarrad’s life had changed forever, he was facing a new challenge, he had no control over his body, and it took incredible strength, determination, and resilience for him to overcome this challenge.

Today, Jarrad Ingram is a motivational speaker, he also talks of his crash in the hope he can influence others to take driving seriously, highlighting what he has been through as an example of what can happen with road trauma. Jarrad speaks with audiovisual prompts to help the audience fully grasp his struggles and how he overcame these.

Audiences are left numb with emotion, inspired by his courage and motivated to do better in life, Jarrad’s determination and motivational methods leave you wanting to excel in your own life. The sort of inspiration we all need.

“What an awesome address Jarrad gave us today! He inspired us enormously with his story, but also with his terrific presence."

"Hard work and right choices - the perfect message. You made a lasting impression on the Hasbro team members today, hard to thank you enough!”
Chris Gray
Hasbro Managing Director

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