Consistent feedback regarding plant and equipment used in the daily operation of many organisations has shown this creates many challenges for employers. Equipment breakage, damage to property, and injuries are common, for instance.

This has led to the creation of our Plant and Equipment Awareness program, designed to highlight the dangers while working in this space and encourages workers to become safer while on the job.

Covering critical areas like operator surroundings, PPE, dangerous behaviour, and mechanical failure the program reduces your running costs by lowering incidents.

Equipment Safety Training

Workers Learn

  • Safe Working Environment
  • Strategies to Keep Safe Operating P&E
  • Reinforce Safety Behaviour (Culture)
  • Understanding Risk
  • Workers Role in Safe Operation of P&E Working in a Team

Workers' compensation claims from poor operator conduct is a significant cost to your business, along with equipment damage and potential claims from the public.

You don’t have to accept poor worker behaviour as part of doing business, you can make a difference through quality training programs like this.

“We can’t assume workers know how to be safe, we need to create a safe working environment”

Critical WHS Training with safety as the key

Our cost reduction shield appears during the program to show where workers can pitch in to lower your costs, so critical in today’s financially tight environment. Saving you money by reducing your outgoings is part of our smart business plan through our training initiatives.

Our extensive experience in operations, having experience conducting business across the globe, has led to business-focussed training programs designed to give you a better return on investment (ROI).

In conclusion, the Plant and Equipment Awareness program will meet your WHS obligations along with reducing your costs and encouraging your workers to do better, creating a win for everyone.

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